• Verb
  • to be or create (a possible threat, danger, problem, etc.)
    1. Smog poses a threat to our health. [=smog threatens our health]
    2. His careless behavior poses a hazard to others. [=his careless behavior is dangerous to others]
    3. Physical sports pose a risk of injury.
    4. The weather should not pose a problem for us.
    5. Decreasing the unemployment rate poses a serious challenge to/for the new governor.
  • to ask or suggest (a question)
    1. My mother posed a question to me that I still can't answer to this day: “What do you want to do with your life?”
    2. The contradictions in his argument pose [=raise] questions about his credibility.
  • to stand, sit, or lie down in a particular position as a model for a photograph, painting, etc.
    1. Everyone posed for the group photo.
    2. She posed nude for the magazine.
    3. The photographer posed her on the steps of the courthouse.
  • to pretend to be (someone or something) in order to deceive people
    1. She posed as a student to get free admission to the museum.
    2. undercover cops posing as drug dealers
  • Noun
  • the position in which someone stands, sits, lies down, etc., especially as a model for a photograph, painting, etc.
    1. The photographs show the models in both clothed and nude poses.
    2. Hold that pose. It will make a great photograph.
  • a kind of behavior that is intended to impress other people and that is not sincere
    1. His disapproval of the war looks good to voters, but I bet it's just a pose.

Những từ liên quan với POSE

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