• Noun
  • a unit of weight that is equal to 16 ounces or 0.4536 kilograms
    1. The recipe calls for a pound of ground beef.
    2. a 50-pound dog = a dog that weighs 50 pounds
    3. Chicken is on sale this week for $3 per/a pound.
    4. I gained some weight last winter and I'm trying to lose a few pounds.
    5. Pound for pound, it's the most valuable crop being grown in the state. [=when comparing a pound of this crop with a pound of other crops, a pound of this crop is more valuable]
  • a basic unit of money in the United Kingdom and some other countries
    1. The bill came to 30 pounds 10 pence.
    2. Rent for the flat is 600 pounds per/a month.
    3. a five-pound note
  • a bill or coin that is worth one pound
    1. “Do you have any cash on you?” “I've got a few pounds in my wallet.”
  • the value of a pound when it is compared to another unit of money
    1. The dollar dropped sharply against the pound.
    2. the strength/weakness of the pound
  • an amount that is owed to someone who demands to be paid
    1. When the creditors came to collect their pound of flesh, he had nothing to give them.
  • a place where dogs and cats that are found on the streets without an owner are kept until their owners come and get them
  • a place to which cars that have been parked illegally are towed and kept until their owners pay to get them back
  • the symbol #
    1. To record a message, press pound. = To record a message, press the pound key. [=press the button/key labeled “#”]
  • Verb
  • to hit (something or someone) with force again and again
    1. Heavy waves pounded the shore.
    2. The metal is heated and then pounded into shape.
    3. She pounded [=drove] the nails into the wood.
    4. He got frustrated and started to pound the piano keys.
    5. He pounded his fist on the table.
    6. The boxers were really pounding each other.
    7. Someone is pounding [=banging] at the door.
    8. Waves pounded against the side of the boat.
    9. He began to pound on a drum.
  • to crush or break (something) into very small pieces by hitting it again and again
    1. The wheat is pounded into flour.
    2. Pound the herbs and garlic until they form a paste.
  • to walk or run with heavy and loud steps
    1. He came pounding down the stairs.
    2. The horses pounded up the track.
  • to work hard at something for a long time
    1. He pounded away all night at his computer, writing the report.
    2. I don't feel like I'm making much progress, but I keep pounding away.
  • to beat loudly and quickly
    1. He woke from the dream in a cold sweat with his heart pounding (in his ears).
    2. I took an aspirin because my head was pounding.
    3. a pounding [=throbbing] headache
  • to bomb (an area) many times
    1. Bombers pounded the city all night.
  • to drink (something) quickly
    1. They pounded (back) a few beers at the bar.
  • to make or produce (something) quickly
    1. Every week he pounds out [=bangs out] another column for the newspaper.
  • to play (a song, melody, etc.) loudly on a musical instrument (such as a piano)
    1. The band's lead singer was pounding out [=banging out] a tune on the piano.
  • to walk or run on the street especially in search of something
    1. She's out there every day pounding the pavement, looking for work.
    2. Hard-core joggers will pound the streets in all kinds of weather.

Những từ liên quan với POUND

pulse, bruise, powder, pulverize, strike, batter, buffet, pummel, hit, belabor, pelt, hammer, stomp, pint