Prescription | Mean of prescription in English Dictionary


  • Noun
  • a written message from a doctor that officially tells someone to use a medicine, therapy, etc.
    1. The drug is only sold with a prescription.
    2. The doctor wrote me a prescription for cough syrup.
    3. (US) The drug is only available by prescription. = (Brit) The drug is only available on prescription. [=you can only get the drug if you have a prescription]
  • a medicine or drug that a doctor officially tells someone to use
    1. I have to pick up my prescription.
    2. prescription drugs/medicine/costs
  • something that is suggested as a way to do something or to make something happen
    1. a prescription for economic recovery
    2. a prescription for improving the educational system

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drug, decree, recipe, remedy, mixture, preparation, edict, rule
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