• actually existing or happening
    1. The movie is based on real events.
    2. The detective Sherlock Holmes is not a real person.
    3. He has no real power; he is just a figurehead.
    4. The battle scenes in the movie seemed very real to me.
    5. The team has a real chance at winning.
    6. There is a very real possibility that we will be moving to Maine.
    7. In real life, relationships are not perfect.
    8. The actor looks taller on TV than he does in real life.
    9. I finally got to talk to a real live person [=an actual person] instead of a machine.
    10. He's always daydreaming and seems to be out of touch with the real world.
    11. Their son finally went out into the real world [=the world where people have to work, deal with daily problems, etc.] and got a job.
  • not fake, false, or artificial
    1. real [=genuine] leather
    2. a real diamond
    3. Your real friends [=the people who are truly your friends] would be here to help you.
    4. What is his real name?
    5. Tell me the real reason you need the money.
  • important and deserving to be regarded or treated in a serious way
    1. This is a very real problem/danger/concern.
    2. They have avoided talking about the real issues.
    3. There is no real reason to worry.
  • strong and sincere
    1. I have no real interest in sports. [=I'm not very interested in sports]
    2. He made a real effort to improve his grades.
    3. There was a look of real [=genuine] astonishment on her face.
    4. She showed real delight/happiness when I told her the good news.
  • measured by what money can actually buy at a particular time
    1. a real increase in wages as compared to inflation
    2. Charitable donations declined in real dollars last year.
  • true and genuine
    1. The information is for real.
  • honest and serious
    1. He convinced us that he was for real and really wanted to help.
    2. Is that guy for real?
  • genuinely good, skillful, etc.
    1. The team has proven that it's for real this year. [=has proven that it's good and has a real chance of winning]
  • seriously or truly
    1. He's in trouble for real. [=he's really in trouble]
    2. They were just pretending to argue before, but now they're doing it for real.
  • to start to think in a serious or reasonable way
    1. We have to get real about this problem.
    2. You think you can get into Harvard with those grades? Get real.
  • to talk and behave in an honest and serious way that shows who you really are
    1. He says he's just trying to keep it real.
  • very or really
    1. We had a real good time.
    2. The water is real warm.
    3. He is real fast.
    4. We went to bed real late.
    5. a real old car