• Noun
  • one of the parts that form something
    1. the upper section of the bridge
    2. This section of the road is closed.
  • a particular area that is part of a larger place
    1. the frozen food section in the supermarket
    2. the library's reference section
    3. the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn
    4. Do you want to sit in the nonsmoking section?
  • a part of a newspaper, play, book, etc.
    1. Can I see the sports section (of the newspaper)?
    2. The dictionary includes a section on signs and symbols.
    3. Section 1123 of the bankruptcy code
  • a part of a group of people
    1. ads that target one section of the population
    2. He had his own cheering section in the stands. [=his own group of people who were cheering for him]
  • one of several parts made so that something can be put together easily
    1. The siding comes in five-foot sections.
  • a part of a band or orchestra that has instruments of a particular kind
    1. the brass section
    2. the rhythm section
  • one of the parts of an orange, grapefruit, or similar fruit that can be easily separated from each other
    1. a section of grapefruit
  • a layer cut from a part of the body
    1. He examined tissue sections of the brain under a microscope.
  • a diagram showing how something would look if it was cut from the top to the bottom
    1. a drawing of a ship in section
  • a shape that is made when a line cuts through a solid figure
    1. a conical section
  • a piece of land that is one mile wide and one mile long
  • Verb
  • to divide (something) into parts
    1. Peel and section the orange.
    2. Section the chicken and marinate the parts.
  • to officially send (a mentally ill person) to a psychiatric hospital
    1. She was sectioned by the judge.
  • to separate (an area) from a larger area
    1. Part of the field was sectioned off for parking.

Những từ liên quan với SECTION

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