Setup | Mean of setup in English Dictionary


  • Noun
  • the process of making something (such as a machine or computer program) ready to be used
    1. an online account setup
    2. The tent is designed for quick and easy setup. [=is designed to be set up quickly and easily]
    3. Setup of the new software is a breeze.
    4. How much setup time is needed?
    5. Run the setup program on your computer.
  • the way that something is done or organized
    1. It took me a while to learn the setup of the office's filing system.
    2. We had a great setup. On my days off, my wife would work from home while I took care of the kids.
    3. The software makes it easy to create custom setups.
  • a situation in which someone is deliberately put in a bad position or made to look guilty
    1. Those aren't my drugs. This is a setup! Someone is trying to frame me!
  • the beginning of a story, joke, etc., that explains and leads to what follows
    1. This sounds like the setup to one of your jokes.
    2. the setup for a television crime drama

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