• Noun
  • solid waste that is passed out of the body
  • the act of passing solid waste from the body
  • foolish or untrue words or ideas
    1. Don't give me that shit!
    2. Why are you telling me this shit?
    3. Just cut the shit [=stop saying meaningless things] and get to the point.
    4. He's full of shit. [=he is lying]
  • something that is worthless, unimportant, etc.
    1. That movie was total shit.
    2. We need to get rid of all that shit [=junk] in the basement.
    3. There's always some shit going on.
  • bad or unfair behavior or treatment
    1. Do what I say, and don't give me any shit.
    2. He's a tough teacher who won't take shit from anyone.
  • a very bad or annoying person
    1. He's been acting like a total shit.
  • to begin to live in a good and sensible way
    1. I really need to get my shit together and start looking for a job.
    2. He can never seem to pull his shit together enough to keep a job.
  • to care at all about someone or something
    1. I don't give a shit what happens.
  • in a lot of trouble
    1. If his parents find out, he'll be in deep shit.
  • very bad
    1. The food tasted like shit.
    2. She treats him like shit.
    3. I got drunk at the party, and the next morning I felt like shit. [=I felt sick]
    4. When I saw how badly I had hurt his feelings, I felt like shit.
  • Verb
  • to pass solid waste from the body
  • to try to deceive or trick (someone)
    1. Are you shitting me?!
  • to become so afraid, surprised, worried, etc., that you defecate
    1. He jumped out from behind a tree and I nearly shit my pants.

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