Soften | Mean of soften in English Dictionary


  • Verb
  • to become less hard or firm or to make (something) less hard or firm
    1. The butter will soften if left on the counter overnight.
    2. The wax softened (up) quickly.
    3. The recipe called for one stick of butter, softened.
    4. Heat softens (up) wax quickly.
  • to make (something) less dry or rough
    1. The oil is used to soften and preserve the leather.
    2. The lotion softens dry skin.
  • to make (something) less severe, harsh, extreme, etc.
    1. The company has softened its stance on dating in the workplace.
    2. His arrogance is softened by a good sense of humor. [=his sense of humor makes his arrogance less annoying]
    3. Passing clouds softened the glare of the sun. [=passing clouds made the sun less bright]
  • to become less harsh, severe, extreme, etc.
    1. Her face/voice/expression softened when he entered the room.
    2. His criticism of the president has softened in the past year.
  • to make (something) less painful, forceful, or harmful
    1. The grass softened my fall.
    2. Management tried to soften the impact of the layoffs by offering early retirement packages. = They tried to soften the blow by offering early retirement packages.
  • to make (something) seem rounder or less sharp
    1. Her new haircut softened her features.
  • to treat (someone) very well or kindly in order to make that person more likely to help you, give you something, etc.
    1. He tried to soften her up by buying her flowers.
  • to weaken (an enemy) through military attacks
    1. They used artillery to soften up the enemy's defenses before launching a full-scale attack.

Những từ liên quan với SOFTEN

moisten, modify, lower, moderate, alleviate, relax, abate, lighten, mitigate, dissolve, lessen, diminish, mellow, relent, melt
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