Spark | Mean of spark in English Dictionary


  • Noun
  • a small piece of burning material that comes from a fire or is produced by rubbing or hitting two hard objects together
    1. A spark from the fireplace set the rug on fire.
    2. The car's tailpipe made sparks as it scraped the road.
  • a short, bright flash of electricity between two points
    1. A spark ignites the stove's burner.
  • a quality that makes someone or something enjoyable, interesting, successful, etc.
    1. In its fourth year, the TV series has lost its spark.
    2. She's a talented gymnast but she doesn't have the spark of some of her competitors.
  • a small amount of something
    1. A spark of hope remains.
    2. Sometimes there were surprising sparks of humor in his letters.
    3. occasional sparks of insight
  • an action, occurrence, etc., that causes something larger to happen
    1. His death was the spark that ignited the revolution.
    2. Her suggestion was the spark for the entire renovation project.
  • a person who says or does something that seems intelligent but is really not
    1. Who's the bright spark who came up with this rotten idea?
  • Verb
  • to cause (something) to start or happen
    1. The question sparked a debate.
    2. Her fifth-grade teacher sparked her interest in history.
    3. The arrests sparked off [=touched off] a riot.
    4. His hit sparked off [=started] a rally that brought in four runs.
  • to produce sparks
    1. The fire sparked and crackled.
    2. The wires made contact and sparked.
  • to add interest, liveliness, or flavor to (something)
    1. prose sparked with humor
    2. spark up an otherwise bland sauce

Những từ liên quan với SPARK

precipitate, flicker, glitter, spit, jot, provoke, scrap, sparkle, gleam, flare, stir, fire, stimulate, kindle, glow
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