• Noun
  • a long, thin rod that ends in a point and is often made of metal
    1. There are spikes on top of the fence.
    2. The climbers drove metal spikes into the ice.
    3. a railroad spike [=a large nail used to attach rails to railroad ties]
  • a sudden, rapid increase in something
    1. There's been a spike in traffic since the new grocery store opened.
    2. a price spike
  • a metal point attached to the bottom of shoes worn by athletes in some sports
    1. I need to replace the spikes on my golf shoes.
  • shoes with metal points attached to the bottom
    1. Baseball players usually wear spikes.
    2. a pair of spikes
  • women's shoes with high, thin heels
    1. She wore (a pair of) spikes. [=spike heels]
  • a long, narrow group of flowers that grow on one stem
    1. a spike of flowers = a flower spike
  • Verb
  • to add alcohol or drugs to (food or drink)
    1. Someone spiked the punch at the party.
    2. They spiked the punch with tequila.
    3. The brownies were spiked with marijuana.
  • to add something that gives flavor or interest to (something)
    1. She spiked the sauce with vinegar.
    2. Her writing is spiked with sarcasm.
  • to increase greatly in a short period of time
    1. The medication caused his blood pressure to spike.
    2. Oil and gas prices have spiked (upward) again.
  • to hit (a volleyball) sharply downward towards the ground
    1. She spiked the ball and scored the winning point.
  • to throw (a ball) sharply downward
    1. After he scored a touchdown he spiked the ball in the end zone.
  • to form (something, such as hair) into spikes or points
    1. She spikes her hair.
  • to pierce or cut (someone or something) with a sharp point or spike
    1. The second baseman was spiked by the runner. [=injured by the spikes on the runner's shoes]
  • to prevent (something, such as a story or rumor) from being published or becoming known by many people
    1. The newspaper's editors spiked the article.
  • to ruin an opponent's plans

Những từ liên quan với SPIKE

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