• Verb
  • to cause or allow (something) to fall, flow, or run over the edge of a container usually in an accidental way
    1. I accidentally spilled coffee all over my new suit.
    2. Clean up the flour you spilled on the floor.
    3. a puddle of spilled water
    4. She opened her purse and spilled its contents (out) onto the table.
    5. The bag ripped open and spilled (out) its contents all over the floor.
    6. He spilled his thoughts out to her. [=he told her his thoughts in a very free and open way]
  • to fall or flow over the edge of a container
    1. Milk spilled (out) onto the table.
    2. Water spilled over the dam.
    3. The bag ripped open and the flour spilled (out) onto the floor.
    4. Her hair spilled down her back.
    5. All his thoughts suddenly came spilling out. [=he suddenly began to express all his thoughts]
  • to move or spread out into a wider place or area
    1. After the movie the crowd spilled (out) into/onto the street.
    2. She opened the door and light spilled into the room.
  • to tell (a secret) to someone
    1. an interviewer who gets celebrities to spill their secrets
    2. Come on, spill it. Who gave you the money?
  • to be completely covered or filled with something
    1. The platter was spilling over with grapes and melon slices and cheeses.
    2. They were spilling over with happiness. [=they were very happy]
  • to spread and begin to affect other people, areas, etc.
    1. The stress at work began to spill over into other aspects of his life.
  • Noun
  • an accident in which liquid is spilled or an amount of liquid that is spilled
    1. Please clean up the spill on the kitchen floor.
    2. The coastline was seriously damaged by an oil spill.
  • an accidental act of falling
    1. She was injured in a spill the last time she went riding.
    2. He took a spill [=he fell] while skiing and broke his leg.

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