• Noun
  • a wound made by a pointed weapon (such as a knife)
    1. He died from a stab to the heart. [=died from being stabbed in the heart]
    2. a stab wound/victim
  • a sudden, strong feeling of physical or emotional pain
    1. a stab of pain/regret/doubt/fear
  • an attempt to do something successfully
    1. She took/made a stab at solving the problem. [=she made an attempt to solve the problem]
    2. Let me give it a stab. = Let me have a stab at it. [=let me try to do it]
  • an action or way of behaving that hurts someone who trusts you
    1. I can't believe that someone I had helped and supported would steal from me. It's a real stab in the back.
  • a guess that is based on very little or no information or evidence
    1. They don't really know how much the work will cost. They're just taking a stab [=shot] in the dark.
  • an attempt that is not likely to succeed
    1. It's a stab [=shot] in the dark, but we should try anyway.
  • Verb
  • to wound (someone or something) with a pointed weapon (such as a knife)
    1. He stabbed her with a dagger.
    2. The victim was stabbed in the chest five times.
  • to quickly or suddenly push a pointed object into or toward someone or something
    1. He stabbed the piece of meat with a fork. = He stabbed the fork into the piece of meat.
    2. She stabbed [=jabbed] the air with her pen as she spoke.
    3. She stabbed at the dead animal with a stick.
  • to hurt (someone who trusts you) by not giving help or by doing something morally wrong
    1. He's the kind of person who gets you to trust him but then stabs you in the back.

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piercing, gash, jab, punch, injure, prick, ache, incision, blow, essay, hurt, rent, stick, pang, jag