• Verb
  • to make (someone or something) stronger, more forceful, more effective, etc.
    1. These exercises will strengthen your stomach muscles.
    2. He takes herbs to strengthen his immune system.
    3. The development of new electronic products has strengthened the company's position as the leader in digital technology.
    4. Holidays often serve to strengthen bonds between family members.
    5. Their financial situation strengthened her determination to find a new career.
    6. The team has been strengthened by the addition of several new players.
  • to become stronger, more forceful, more effective, etc.
    1. The winds are expected to strengthen.
    2. The storm is continuing to strengthen [=to become more powerful] as it approaches land.
    3. Her determination has strengthened.
    4. The economy is slowly strengthening.
  • to increase in value when compared to money from other countries
    1. The Canadian dollar is strengthening against the U.S. dollar.
    2. The trade restrictions will strengthen the pound.