Stuff | Mean of stuff in English Dictionary


  • Noun
  • materials, supplies, or equipment
    1. She got out the cooking stuff to bake some cookies.
    2. computers, word processors, and stuff like that
    3. I need a place to store my stuff.
  • a group or pile of things that are not specifically described
    1. Pick that stuff up off the floor.
  • actions or behavior of a particular kind
    1. How do they get away with such stuff?
    2. Don't try any funny stuff.
    3. There's all this crazy stuff going on.
    4. He does stuff that bugs his parents.
  • personality or character
    1. He's a coward but his brother is made of sterner/tougher stuff. [=his brother is a stronger/tougher person]
    2. A person who has the right stuff [=who has the necessary personal qualities] will do well here.
  • the material that something is made of
    1. The floor tiles are made of very tough stuff.
    2. He has the stuff of greatness. [=he has the qualities that can make a person great]
    3. Her partying became the stuff of legend. [=became very famous or legendary]
  • the ability to throw pitches that are hard to hit
    1. a pitcher with good stuff
  • to do the things that you are able to do well
    1. You'll succeed if you just get out there and do your stuff.
  • to be an expert at something
    1. When it comes to gardening, she really knows her stuff. [=she knows a lot about gardening]
  • to show what you are able to do
    1. The competition gives young performers a chance to show their stuff.
  • Verb
  • to fill (something) so that there is no room for anything else
    1. The boy stuffed his pockets with candy.
    2. She stuffed the laundry bag full.
    3. The book is stuffed [=filled] with information.
    4. The students were stuffing their heads with facts.
  • to push (something) quickly and carelessly into a small space
    1. The boy stuffed the candy into his pockets.
    2. He tried to stuff [=cram] all his clothes into one suitcase.
  • to put a seasoned mixture of food into (something that is being cooked)
    1. stuff a turkey
    2. stuff a pepper
  • to fill the skin of (a dead animal) so that it looks the way it did when it was alive
    1. He had the deer's head stuffed.
  • to eat a large amount of food
    1. They stuffed themselves with pizza.

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