• Verb
  • to mention (something) as a possible thing to be done, used, thought about, etc.
    1. I suggest (that) you call the store.
    2. We suggested to the committee that they review the case again.
    3. It was suggested that we leave early.
    4. He suggested several different ways of dealing with the problem.
    5. She suggested a stroll after dinner. = She suggested that we go for a stroll after dinner.
  • to say that (someone or something) is good or deserves to be chosen
    1. Who would you suggest for the job?
    2. They suggested a restaurant we might want to try.
    3. I suggest caution in a situation like this.
  • to show that (something) is likely or true
    1. The evidence suggests arson as the cause of the fire.
    2. There is nothing to suggest that the two events are connected.
    3. As the name suggests, a yarn winder is a device used to wind balls of yarn.
  • to say (something) in an indirect way
    1. Are you suggesting [=implying] (that) he deliberately cheated?
    2. I think he's suggesting that we shouldn't have helped them.
  • to be thought of
    1. No good solution suggested itself. [=I was unable to think of a good solution]