• Noun
  • a container for holding a liquid or gas
    1. a water/oil/fuel tank
    2. fish tanks
    3. I filled the (gas) tank before I left for Maine.
  • the amount that a tank will hold
    1. We went through a tank [=tankful] of gas on the trip.
  • a military vehicle that moves on two large metal belts with wheels inside them and that is covered in heavy armor
  • in or into a very bad state or condition
    1. The economy is in the tank right now.
    2. The team went into the tank [=got much worse; became very unsuccessful] last season.
  • Verb
  • to be very unsuccessful
    1. The movie tanked.
  • to make no effort to win a contest (such as a tennis match)
    1. Some people say she deliberately tanked the match.
    2. Some people have accused her of tanking.
  • to fill a vehicle with fuel
    1. We should tank up [=fill up] before we leave.

Những từ liên quan với TANK

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