• Noun
  • a short period of time during a sports event when the game stops and the players rest or talk to their coach
      1. The coach asked for a time-out to talk to her players.
        The coach called a time-out.
        The quarterback called time-out [=asked for a time-out] with 20 seconds remaining.
  • a short period of time when you stop doing something so that you can rest or do something else
      1. We've been working all morning. Let's take a time-out and get some coffee.
        Let's take time-out for a few minutes.
  • a short period of time when a child must sit quietly as punishment for behaving badly
      1. The book talks about the proper way to use time-outs.
        If you do that again, you're getting a time-out! = If you do that again, I'm giving you a time-out!
        There's no talking during time-out.

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