• happening or coming at the end of a process, series of events, etc.
      1. Their ultimate [=final] destination was Paris.
        What was the ultimate [=final, eventual] outcome/result?
        Their ultimate fate has not yet been decided.
        I never doubted their ultimate success. [=I never doubted that they would eventually succeed]
        The president has ultimate [=final] authority/control/responsibility over the decision.
        Our ultimate aim/goal/purpose is to increase production.
  • greatest or most extreme
      1. He says that dying for your country is the ultimate act of patriotism.
        the ultimate expression of love
        the ultimate betrayal/challenge
        He was the ultimate hero.
  • most distant in space or time
      1. the ultimate [=farthest] reaches of the universe
  • Noun
  • the greatest or most extreme form or example of (something)
      1. This car is the ultimate in safety. [=this car is as safe as a car can be]
        They provide their customers with the ultimate in service. [=with the best possible service]