• below or beneath (something)
    1. He hid the envelope underneath his coat.
    2. She slipped a note underneath the door.
    3. The ball rolled underneath the car.
    4. He lives in the apartment underneath mine.
  • on the bottom of (something)
    1. There was gum stuck underneath the table.
  • hidden below (an outward appearance)
    1. Underneath her calm exterior was a nervous woman with a hot temper.
    2. They actually had a lot in common underneath their obvious differences.
    3. He might seem unkind, but underneath it all [=actually], he's a very caring person.
  • below or beneath
    1. He wore a white sweater with a red shirt underneath.
    2. She lifted up the rock and found ants crawling underneath.
  • on the lower side
    1. The car had rust underneath.
  • Noun
  • the bottom surface of something
    1. The plate had a name stamped on the underneath.

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