• Noun
  • a structure of brick, stone, etc., that surrounds an area or separates one area from another
    1. A stone wall marks off their property.
    2. the Great Wall of China
    3. the walls of the ancient city
    4. The wave was like a wall of water.
    5. The police formed a human wall around him.
    6. His suggestion was met with a wall of silence. [=was met with complete silence]
    7. a wall of sound
    8. He built an emotional wall [=barrier] around himself.
  • the structure that forms the side of a room or building
    1. She hung posters on the walls of her room.
    2. This apartment building has thin walls, and you can hear everything your neighbors say.
    3. A lot has happened inside these four walls. [=inside this room]
    4. Lower your voice and be careful what you say. The walls have ears. [=other people could be listening to what you say]
  • the outer layer of something that is hollow (such as a part of the body or of a plant)
    1. plant cell walls
    2. Muscles in the abdominal wall help protect organs.
  • to make (someone) irritated, angry, or crazy
    1. Your constant tapping is driving me up the wall!
    2. Her voice drives me up a wall. [=her voice is very annoying to me]
  • to make every possible effort to achieve something, to win, etc.
    1. He's prepared to go to the wall to defend his beliefs.
  • to fail because of a lack of money
    1. a company that has gone to the wall
  • to reach a point at which you find it very difficult or impossible to continue
    1. He worked late every day and took frequent business trips for several years before he finally hit the wall.
    2. They seem to have hit the wall in terms of new ideas.
    3. Her tennis career hit a wall after the injury.
  • in a very bad position or situation
    1. The team was up against a wall in the first half of the game.
  • Verb
  • to surround (something) with a wall or with something that is like a wall
    1. The school grounds are walled in.
    2. They walled the garden in with rows of thick shrubs.
  • to separate (something) from the area around it with a wall
    1. The school walled off the playground from the parking lot.
  • to close off (an opening) by filling it with stone, brick, etc.
    1. They walled up the doorway of the abandoned house.
  • to keep (someone) as a prisoner in an enclosed space
    1. He was walled up in the tower. [=was locked inside the tower]