Japanese English conversation at the airport

Japanese English conversation at the airport. How to check-in at Japan airport by using Japanese Language? Japanese Words For The Airport To Learn Now

Person 1: Excuse me, could you tell me where the baggage claim is?

Person 2: Sure, it's down that way. Just follow the signs that say "baggage claim."
はい、あちらにあります。 「手荷物受取所」と書かれたサインに従ってください。

Person 1: Great, thanks. And do you know if there are any currency exchange booths here?

English Japanese conversation at the bank

Person 2: Yes, there's one just over there by the arrivals gate. You can't miss it.

Person 1: Perfect, thanks so much. One last question, is there a shuttle to the city center from here?

Person 2: Yes, there is. You can find the shuttle stand outside the terminal building. It's the big blue bus with the name of the city on it.

Person 1: That's very helpful. Thank you again for your assistance.

Person 2: You're welcome. Enjoy your stay!

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