• Noun
  • a fully grown person or animal
    1. Her books appeal both to children and to adults.
    2. Children must be accompanied by an adult in the museum.
    3. Only adults can purchase alcohol.
    4. This film is for adults only. Minors are not admitted.
    5. People who are close friends as children aren't always friends as adults.
    6. studying interactions between young birds and adults
  • fully grown and developed
    1. an adult student/learner
    2. adult birds
    3. I've worked here all of my adult life. [=I've worked here since I became an adult]
    4. preparing children for adult life
  • mature and sensible
    1. We need to approach this in an adult way.
    2. an adult decision/choice/responsibility
  • of or intended for adults
    1. adult literacy
    2. adult learning
  • dealing with sexual material
    1. adult bookstores/movies

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