• right or suited for some purpose or situation
    1. It's a formal occasion and appropriate attire/dress/clothing is expected. [=you are expected to wear formal clothing]
    2. Red wine would have been a more appropriate choice with the meal.
    3. We'll need to find an appropriate [=suitable] place to store the fuel.
    4. Do you think the movie is appropriate for small children (to see)? = Do you think it's appropriate for small children to see the movie?
    5. The movie is perfectly/entirely appropriate to/for people of all ages.
  • Verb
  • to get or save (money) for a specific use or purpose
    1. The town has appropriated funds to repair the bridge and work should begin this summer.
  • to take or use (something) especially in a way that is illegal, unfair, etc.
    1. The economy has been weakened by corrupt officials who have appropriated the country's resources for their own use.
    2. Elements of the design were appropriated from other architects.
    3. The term “bad” has been appropriated by teenagers as a synonym for “good.”