• Verb
  • to become so hot that bubbles are formed in a liquid and rise to the top
    1. Let the water boil.
    2. Keep the temperature low enough so the mixture will not boil.
    3. a pot of boiling water
    4. The kettle (of water) is boiling. = The water in the kettle is boiling.
    5. french fries cooked in boiling oil
    6. Cook the mixture until the liquid has boiled away. [=until the liquid has gone; until all of the liquid has turned into steam]
  • to heat (a liquid or a container with liquid in it) so that bubbles are formed and rise to the top
    1. Boil (up) some water.
    2. Can you boil a kettle (of water) for tea?
  • to cook (something) in water that is boiling
    1. Boil the eggs/vegetables.
    2. Make sure you boil (up) a lot of potatoes.
    3. boiled eggs/potatoes
    4. He put some potatoes on to boil. [=he put a pot with potatoes and water in it on the stove and turned the burner on]
    5. The pasta is boiling.
  • to feel a strong emotion (such as anger)
    1. The crowd boiled [=seethed] with anger.
  • to become reduced in amount by boiling
    1. Let the sauce boil down and thicken.
  • to reduce the amount of (a liquid) by boiling it
    1. Boil down the sauce so that it thickens.
  • to make (something) short or simple by removing the parts that are not important or necessary
    1. He was able to boil down [=condense] the report to a brief summary.
  • to have (something) as the main or basic part
    1. His speech boiled down to [=was basically] a plea for more money.
    2. Their objections all boil down to one thing: cost.
    3. You can get advice from many sources, but it all boils down to common sense. [=you should be guided by common sense]
  • to flow over the side of a container while boiling
    1. The water in the pot is boiling over. = The pot (of water) is boiling over.
  • to become violent or to lose control because of anger
    1. He's so mad that he's ready to boil over.
  • to change into something more violent
    1. Their disagreement finally boiled over into a fight.
  • to grow toward a dangerous level
    1. He could feel the anger boiling up inside him. [=he could feel himself becoming very angry]
    2. Problems have been boiling up in the cities during the hot summer.
  • Noun
  • the act or state of boiling
    1. (US) Bring the water to a boil. = (chiefly Brit) Bring the water to the boil. [=boil the water]
    2. (US) The kettle on the stove came to a boil. = (chiefly Brit) The kettle on the stove came to the boil. [=the kettle began to boil]
    3. She put the kettle (of water) on the boil. [=she put the kettle on a hot burner so that the water in it would boil]
    4. The mixture should be cooked at a slow boil. [=with small bubbles rising slowly to the surface of the liquid]
    5. Bring the pot to a rolling boil. [=to a state where large bubbles rise quickly to the surface of the liquid]
  • a dish of shellfish, vegetables, and spices that is cooked by boiling
    1. a crab/shrimp boil
  • a party at which this dish is served
    1. They invited their family and friends to a crab boil on the beach.
  • into a state that is less good than before
    1. After two hit singles, the band went off the boil. [=the band was not as successful]
  • in a state of activity or development
    1. The deal is still on the boil.
    2. kept their romance on the boil
  • a painful, swollen area under the skin that is caused by infection

Những từ liên quan với BOIL

flare, sore, simmer, pustule, evaporate, carbuncle, poach, blister, abscess, pimple, stew