• Noun
  • the activity of reporting about an event or subject in newspapers, on television news programs, etc.
    1. The issue is not getting much coverage in the mainstream press.
    2. There was massive/extensive TV coverage of the funeral.
    3. The network will have live coverage of the game. [=it will broadcast the game as it is happening]
  • discussion of a subject in a book, class, etc.
    1. For more complete coverage of this issue, see Chapter Six.
    2. The book gives full coverage to the history of the word.
  • the financial protection that is provided by an insurance policy
    1. She has no insurance coverage. [=she does not have insurance]
    2. affordable health/medical coverage [=insurance that will pay for medical care; health insurance]
    3. My health insurance company has denied coverage for the treatment. [=it will not pay the cost of the treatment]
  • something that an insurance company will pay for
    1. Fire/liability insurance coverages varied.
    2. optional/additional coverages
  • the act of guarding an opponent as part of your team's effort to prevent the other team from scoring
    1. He was responsible for coverage of the tight end.
    2. The team uses a variety of defensive coverages.

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