• in a way that is very complete, extreme, strongly felt, etc.
    1. They fell deeply in love.
    2. The car expenses sent him even more deeply into debt.
    3. He asked us to think deeply [=to think seriously and for a long time] about the issue, because he felt it was very important.
    4. I'm deeply [=very, extremely] sorry.
    5. He came from a deeply religious family.
    6. They're deeply [=sharply] divided on the issues.
    7. I thought the movie was deeply moving/disturbing. = I was deeply moved/disturbed by the movie.
    8. a deeply flawed design
    9. The senator gave a deeply personal speech last night.
    10. We are all deeply committed to peace.
    11. The beliefs are deeply ingrained/embedded/entrenched in American culture.
    12. deeply held beliefs/values
    13. deeply felt emotions
    14. She cares very deeply about/for him.
    15. These traditions are deeply rooted in the past. = They are rooted deeply in the past.
  • far into or below the surface of something
    1. The designs are carved/cut deeply into the wooden chairs.
    2. deeply buried beneath the snow
    3. You'll have to dig/delve deeply into the library to find that information.

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