Delivery | Mean of delivery in English Dictionary


  • Noun
  • the act of taking something to a person or place
    1. The delivery is scheduled for this morning.
    2. The supermarket makes deliveries [=takes goods to customers] for free within 30 miles of the store.
    3. The restaurant doesn't do deliveries. [=does not take food to customers]
    4. The company offers free delivery with orders over $100.
    5. She does the mail delivery [=she delivers the mail] on my street.
    6. a delivery truck/service [=a truck/service that delivers something]
    7. Someone has to be home to accept/receive delivery of the package.
    8. Payment is due on delivery of the goods. [=when you receive the goods]
    9. Allow six weeks for delivery.
  • something that is taken to a person or place
    1. The store got a delivery [=shipment] of shirts yesterday.
  • the act or process of giving birth
    1. The baby weighed almost seven pounds at the time of delivery.
    2. the delivery room [=a special room in a hospital where women give birth to babies]
    3. The doctor expects it to be a routine delivery.
    4. The doctor has had three deliveries today.
  • the way someone says something officially or publicly
    1. The joke was funny, but his delivery was terrible.
    2. I need to work on my delivery before I give the speech.
  • the way a ball is thrown in baseball or cricket
    1. The pitchers have similar deliveries.
    2. a high delivery
  • to receive (something that is being delivered to you)
    1. The city will take delivery of the vehicles tomorrow.

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