• Noun
  • a forceful statement in which you say that something must be done or given to you
    1. The committee is considering her demand that she be given more time to complete the study.
    2. The workers said they would not end the strike until their demands were met/satisfied.
    3. The store refused to meet the customer's demand for a refund.
    4. Parents made demands for the teacher's resignation.
  • a strong need for something
    1. The demand for low-income housing is increasing as the economy gets worse.
    2. We are seeing an increased demand for hospital beds.
  • the ability and need or desire to buy goods and services
    1. The company increased production to meet demand.
    2. Demand for fresh milk has surpassed supply in the region. [=people want to buy more milk than is available]
    3. Local farmers say they will increase the number of peach trees they grow in order to meet a rising demand for peaches. [=in order to have as many peaches as customers want to buy]
  • difficult things you have to do because someone requires you to do them or because they are part of a job, activity, etc.
    1. He wasn't sure he could handle the physical demands of the work.
    2. The demands of the job became too much for him.
    3. New parents are sometimes overwhelmed by the demands of parenthood.
  • needed or wanted by many people
    1. Tickets for her concerts are always in great demand.
    2. Good plumbers are in demand in our town.
  • when needed or wanted
    1. Help is available 24 hours a day on demand.
    2. The debt is payable on demand. [=it must be paid whenever the person who is owed the money wants it]
  • a request made by or a desire shared by many people
    1. Because of popular demand, the restaurant has published a cookbook of favorite recipes.
    2. The show will continue for another week due to popular demand.
    3. The circus will be back by popular demand [=because many people want it to come back] later this summer.
  • Verb
  • to say in a forceful way that something must be done or given to you
    1. The customer demanded a refund.
    2. He demanded an apology.
    3. Parents have demanded that the teacher resign.
    4. The reporter demanded to see the documents.
    5. I demand to know what is going on here!
  • to say or ask (something) in a very forceful way
    1. “Come here at once!” he demanded.
    2. “Why won't you answer me?” she demanded.
  • to require (something)
    1. He is very sick and demands constant care. [=he has to be given constant care]
    2. The situation demands immediate action.
    3. A certain standard of dress is demanded by some professions. [=some people have to dress a certain way because of their jobs]
    4. The job demands too much of him. [=the job requires him to do too much]
    5. The group demands [=insists on] total honesty from its members.