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  • Verb
  • to increase in size, range, or amount
    1. The liquid expands and contracts with changes in temperature.
    2. the expanding universe
    3. His business has expanded to serve the entire state.
    4. The coffee shop may expand into a full restaurant.
  • to cause (something) to increase in size, range, or amount
    1. He has expanded his business to serve the entire state.
    2. There are plans to expand the airport.
    3. The police have decided to expand their investigation.
    4. She plans to expand the lecture series into a book.
    5. This trip will give you an opportunity to expand [=broaden] your horizons. [=to learn more about the world]
    6. expand your knowledge
  • to write (something) in full form
    1. Expand the abbreviation “deg.” to “degree.”
  • to speak or write about (something) in a more complete or detailed way
    1. She declined to expand on her earlier statement.
    2. Please expand [=elaborate] on that idea.
    3. Researchers will expand upon their data in a new study.

Những từ liên quan với EXPAND

dilate, spread, develop, stretch, grow, distend, pyramid, enlarge, open, bolster, broaden, magnify, extend, lengthen
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