• proper or acceptable
    1. a movie fit [=suitable] for the whole family
    2. This is not a fit subject for discussion with children.
    3. a subject not fit for discussion
    4. a subject not fit to be discussed
  • suitable for a specified purpose
    1. This water is not fit for drinking.
    2. The building is no longer fit for human habitation.
    3. This water is not fit to drink.
    4. The building is no longer fit for people to live in.
  • physically healthy and strong
    1. physically fit
    2. He felt overmatched against fitter [=healthier], stronger players.
    3. Patients are encouraged to get/keep fit.
    4. Are you fit enough to walk there?
  • sexually attractive
  • having the necessary skills
    1. I just don't think he's fit [=qualified] for this job.
  • made ready
    1. get the ship fit [=prepared] for sea
  • in good physical condition
    1. I feel (as) fit as a fiddle this morning.
  • good enough even for a king
    1. a meal (that is) fit for a king
  • very angry or upset
    1. Dad was fit to be tied when my sister came home late last night.
  • very much
    1. laugh/shout fit to burst
  • in an impressive way that attracts attention
    1. He was dressed fit to kill.
  • Verb
  • to be the right size and shape for (someone or something)
    1. The suit fits him perfectly.
    2. I hope this key fits the lock.
    3. The two pieces fit each other perfectly.
    4. These shoes fit perfectly.
    5. This calculator will fit nicely/neatly in your shirt pocket.
    6. pants that fit tightly/loosely = tight-fitting/loose-fitting pants
    7. The two pieces fit together perfectly.
    8. That suit fits him like a glove.
    9. The school recognizes that a one size fits all approach won't work for these children. [=these children need to be taught in a way that considers the needs and abilities of each child]
  • to go into or through a particular space
    1. All these groceries won't fit in the trunk of my car. = These groceries won't all fit in the trunk of my car.
    2. How many people can fit in a phone booth?
    3. The box was too large to fit through the door.
  • to cause (something) to go into or through a particular space
    1. I can't fit all these groceries into the trunk of my car.
    2. We weren't able to fit the box through the door.
  • to measure (someone) in order to choose clothes that are the right size and shape for that person
    1. I'm being fitted [=measured] for a new suit tomorrow.
  • to change the shape or form of (a piece of clothing) for a particular person
    1. fitting the jacket to the customer
  • to find time to meet with (someone) or do (something)
    1. I'll try to fit you into my schedule.
    2. The doctor can fit you in this afternoon. [=the doctor can meet with you this afternoon]
    3. She's got a lot of meetings to fit in this morning.
  • to belong in a particular situation, place, or group
    1. It's a good school, but I feel like I just don't fit here.
    2. I was looking for a group that I could fit in with.
    3. No matter how hard she tried, she just didn't fit in.
    4. He fit right in at school.
    5. That chair fits in well with the rest of the office.
  • to be suitable or appropriate for (someone or something)
    1. The nickname fits [=suits] him very well.
    2. The punishment should fit the crime.
  • to make (someone or something) suitable or appropriate for or to something
    1. Her previous experience fitted [=qualified] her for the job.
    2. Let us fit the punishment to the crime.
  • to be in agreement with (something or someone)
    1. Their story doesn't fit the facts.
    2. He fits [=matches] the description perfectly. = The description fits him perfectly.
  • to supply equipment for (something)
    1. a lab fitted with the latest equipment
    2. The camera can be fitted with many different lenses.
    3. fit out an expedition
    4. an old ocean liner fitted up as a hospital ship
  • Noun
  • the way something fits
    1. The fit of this shirt is a bit tight.
    2. a loose/snug fit
    3. It's a tight fit but I think we can get the box through the door.
    4. a comfortable fit
    5. That dress is a good fit for you. [=that dress fits you well; it is the right size and shape for your body]
  • an uncontrolled expression of strong emotion
    1. He threw a fit [=he became very angry and upset] when they accused him of cheating.
    2. She has/throws a fit [=tantrum] when she doesn't get what she wants.
  • a sudden occurrence of some activity, emotion, etc.
    1. a fit of anger
    2. a fit of coughing = a coughing fit
    3. He apologized profusely in a fit of remorse.
    4. The joke sent the audience into fits of laughter. [=it made the people in the audience laugh a lot]
  • an abnormal state in which you become unconscious and your body moves in an uncontrolled and violent way
    1. an epileptic fit [=(more commonly) seizure]
  • by stopping and starting again
    1. Their courtship was gradual, proceeding by fits and starts.
    2. Progress came only in fits and starts.
  • laughing very much
    1. The audience was in fits. [=in stitches]

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