• Noun
  • the fact or condition of happening often
    1. the alarming frequency of serious automobile accidents caused by young drivers
    2. The frequency of student errors was frustrating to the young teacher.
  • the number of times that something happens during a particular period
    1. The frequency of our visits decreased [=our visits occurred less often] during the school year.
    2. Our visits decreased in frequency.
    3. Errors were occurring with increasing frequency.
    4. high/low frequency
  • the number of times that something (such as a sound wave or radio wave) is repeated in a period of time (such as a second)
    1. a sound wave of high/low frequency
    2. waves having very different frequencies from one another
    3. high/low frequencies
    4. a current having a frequency of 60 hertz
    5. a radio frequency of 30 megahertz

Những từ liên quan với FREQUENCY

repetition, beat, density, oscillation, regularity, constancy