• Noun
  • a part of something that is designed to be held by your hand
    1. He held the shovel by the/its handle.
    2. The handles on the bag were torn.
    3. a door handle [=the part that you turn with your hand to open a door]
  • to understand (something)
    1. I can't quite get a handle on the way this machine works.
    2. It seemed like she had a good handle on the situation. [=she understood the situation and was able to deal with it]
  • Verb
  • to touch, feel, hold, or move (something) with your hand
    1. Handle the fruit carefully or it will bruise.
    2. The baked potatoes were too hot to handle with our bare hands.
  • to manage or control (something) with your hands
    1. He knows how to handle a motorcycle.
    2. He handles his motorcycle well.
    3. She learned how to handle a weapon.
  • to do the work required for (something)
    1. She handles all the bookkeeping.
    2. The system is handled by the main computer.
    3. She's proven that she can handle anything.
    4. The airport handles both passenger and cargo flights.
  • to deal with (a person, situation, etc.) successfully
    1. She couldn't handle being away from her children for more than a couple of days.
    2. He's having a hard time handling the pressure of his new job.
    3. A good politician knows how to handle the press.
    4. Do you think he can handle the truth?
  • to express thoughts about (something) in a piece of music, writing, or art
    1. The class discussed how the author handled [=dealt with] the theme of loneliness in the novel.
  • to be involved with the buying or selling of (something)
    1. They own a store that handles rugs.
    2. He was arrested for handling stolen goods.
  • to behave
    1. She closely watched how the boys handled themselves at the ceremony.
    2. She handled herself well under very difficult circumstances.

Những từ liên quan với HANDLE

use, supervise, administer, check, serve, shaft, examine, employ, hold, play, stem, govern, conduct, knob, control