• in what manner or way
    1. How and where did you meet him?
    2. How shall I address the President?
    3. How will we pay for the trip?
    4. “How did you get here?” “By bus.”
    5. “How did she die?” “She had cancer.”
    6. How do you know that?
    7. How did you find us?
    8. How could you have known?
  • for what reason
    1. How did you happen to move here?
    2. “Is it going to rain?” “How should/would I know?” [=I don't know]
  • to what degree, extent, or amount
    1. How handsome is he?
    2. How much longer do we have to wait? = How much longer is the wait?
    3. I don't know how good the service is at the new restaurant.
    4. I'm not sure how old he is.
    5. It's a pity how rarely we see each other.
  • does that include (someone)
    1. “We're all going to the beach.” “How about Kenny?”
  • in what way
    1. “This room looks different.” “How so?” [=in what way does it look different?]
  • in whatever way
    1. He'll cook it how you like it.

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