• Noun
  • unfair treatment
    1. The organization is devoted to fighting economic/racial/social injustice.
    2. protection against injustice
    3. the injustices of apartheid
    4. The law is part of an effort to correct an old injustice.
    5. He suffered a great/terrible injustice [=wrong] at their hands.
  • to treat (someone or something) in an unfair way
    1. They did her a great/terrible/grave injustice by not allowing her to file a complaint.
    2. I think you do the book an injustice when you call it “trash.”
    3. The weak punishment does an injustice to the criminal's victims.

Những từ liên quan với INJUSTICE

malfeasance, grievance, breach, abuse, malpractice, inequity, mischief, crime, inequality, discrimination