• Verb
  • to stay somewhere beyond the usual or expected time
    1. The tourists didn't linger very long.
    2. She lingered at the art exhibit.
    3. He lingered in bed and missed breakfast.
    4. They lingered over coffee after dinner.
  • to continue to exist as time passes
    1. The heat lingered long after the sun had gone down.
    2. The smell of her perfume lingered.
    3. The idea lingered in their minds.
    4. His unhappiness/resentment lingered on.
    5. The rain lingered on for days.
  • to remain alive while becoming weaker
    1. He was very ill, but he lingered on for several more months.

Những từ liên quan với LINGER

stay, slouch, hesitate, persist, putter, plod, shuffle, mosey, falter, idle, loll, remain, drift, mope, dawdle