• Noun
  • things that have been thrown away and that are lying on the ground in a public place
    1. We decided to pick up the litter in the park.
    2. roadside litter
  • a messy pile or group of things
    1. Her desk was covered with a litter of legal documents.
  • dry material that is spread in a container and used as a toilet by animals (especially cats) while they are indoors
    1. cat/kitty litter
    2. (chiefly US) a litter box = (Brit) a litter tray [=a container holding litter for a cat]
  • soft and dry material (such as straw) that is spread on the ground for some animals (such as horses) to sleep on
  • a group of young animals that are born at a single time
    1. a litter of puppies/piglets
    2. He was the runt of the litter. [=the smallest animal in the litter]
    3. Of all the cars on the market, this one is clearly the pick of the litter. [=the best one]
  • a covered bed that has long poles on the bottom and that was used in the past for carrying a very important person
    1. The emperor was carried to the palace on a litter.
  • Verb
  • to cover (a surface) with many things in an untidy way
    1. Paper and popcorn littered the streets after the parade.
    2. Leaves littered the forest floor. [=the forest floor was covered with leaves]
    3. a desk littered with old letters and bills
    4. a landscape littered with ugly houses
    5. Dirty words litter his vocabulary. [=his vocabulary includes many dirty words; he says a lot of dirty words]
    6. The book is littered with errors. [=the book contains many errors]
  • to throw or leave trash on the ground in a public place
    1. It is illegal to litter.
    2. He had to pay a fine for littering.

Những từ liên quan với LITTER

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