Nuisance | Mean of nuisance in English Dictionary


  • Noun
  • a person, thing, or situation that is annoying or that causes trouble or problems
    1. The sticky clay was a nuisance to work with. [=was difficult to work with]
    2. My allergies are a nuisance in the springtime.
    3. Filling out all the paperwork was a nuisance.
    4. I'm sorry to be such a nuisance [=I'm sorry to bother you], but I need your help again.
    5. He made a nuisance of himself. [=he behaved in an annoying way]
    6. (law) The landfill was declared a public nuisance.

Những từ liên quan với NUISANCE

gadfly, bum, drag, headache, offense, louse, inconvenience, creep, nudge, nag, blister, pill, pain
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