• Noun
  • a piece of equipment usually made of cloth that is fastened to people or things and that allows them to fall slowly and land safely after they have jumped or been dropped from an aircraft
    1. The pilot was wearing a parachute.
    2. The supplies were dropped by parachute.
    3. a parachute jump/drop
  • Verb
  • to jump from an aircraft using a parachute
    1. The soldiers parachuted in and quickly hid their gear.
    2. New troops parachuted into enemy territory.
  • to drop (someone or something) from an aircraft using a parachute
    1. We will parachute supplies in after you arrive.
    2. New troops were parachuted into enemy territory.

Những từ liên quan với PARACHUTE

bound, bounce, barge, fall, rattle, quiver, caper, plummet, skip, hurdle, shake, dive, hop, drop, take