Passing | Mean of passing in English Dictionary


  • Noun
  • the act of moving toward and beyond something
    1. I could hear the passing of a distant train. [=I could hear a distant train passing]
  • a person's death
    1. After her husband's passing, she moved to a smaller house.
    2. We all mourned his passing.
  • the act of officially approving a bill, law, etc.
    1. the passing [=passage] of the bill through Congress
  • in a brief way while discussing something else
    1. She mentioned in passing that she was studying law.
    2. The report notes the incident only in passing.
  • moving past someone or something
    1. Someone called out from a passing car.
    2. She sells flowers to passing motorists.
    3. a passing ship/airplane/train
  • lasting for only a short time
    1. Let's hope that these shoes are just a passing fad.
    2. a passing phase in childhood
  • done or made quickly
    1. He made a few passing [=cursory] remarks about his work at the hospital.
    2. We gave the restaurant a passing [=quick] glance before moving on.
    3. She never gave the matter more than a passing thought.
    4. Her assistants get only a passing mention at the end of the article.
  • not very strong or thorough
    1. She has only a passing acquaintance with the subject.
    2. I admit that I have only a passing interest in sports.
    3. You can see a passing resemblance between him and his father.
  • showing that you completed a test or class in an acceptable way
    1. She completed the class with a passing grade/mark of 65 percent.
  • relating to the skill of throwing, hitting, or kicking a ball or puck to a teammate
    1. shooting and passing skills
    2. The football team needs to improve its passing game. [=its ability to pass the ball]

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