• Noun
  • a piece of farm equipment that is used to dig into and turn over soil especially to prepare the soil for planting
  • used for growing crops
    1. The amount of local land under the plow is decreasing.
  • Verb
  • to dig into or break up (dirt, soil, land, etc.) with a plow
    1. The soil was freshly plowed.
    2. They used oxen to plow the field.
    3. Plow the weeds back into the soil. [=use a plow to bury the weeds]
  • to use a snowplow to remove snow from a road, parking lot, etc.
    1. My street hasn't been plowed yet.
    2. We hired someone to plow the snow from our driveway.
    3. The town won't start plowing until the storm is almost over.
  • to move through, over, or across (something) in a forceful and steady way
    1. a ship/whale plowing the ocean
    2. They continued to plow their way through the tall grass.
    3. A series of damaging storms plowed across the state last fall.
    4. We plowed through the crowd.
  • to do something difficult in a slow or steady way
    1. She spent several hours plowing through the paperwork on her desk.
  • to continue to do something without being stopped by problems or opposition
    1. The city is plowing ahead with plans to demolish the building.
  • to crash into (someone or something) usually at a high speed
    1. The car plowed into the guardrail.
  • to invest (money, profits, etc.) in (something)
    1. The company plowed millions of dollars into research.
    2. For the first 10 years, the profits were all plowed back into the company.
  • to continue doing something that is slow and difficult
    1. I was discouraged, but I plowed on.

Những từ liên quan với PLOW

furrow, harvest, push, break, list, rake, bulldoze, farm, smash, cultivate, reap, shove