Proportional | Mean of proportional in English Dictionary


  • having a size, number, or amount that is directly related to or appropriate for something
    1. If you increase the size of the picture, keep the length and width proportional. [=increase the length and width by the same percentage so that they are related to each other in the same way]
    2. Keep the length proportional to the width.
    3. Your share of the profits will be proportional to the amount of work you did.
    4. The taxi fare is proportional to the length of the ride.
  • having parts that are the correct or appropriate size in relation to each other
    1. The features of the face in the drawing are proportional.
    2. The head was not proportional to the body. [=the head was too large/small for the body]
    3. The sleeves were not proportional to the length of the blouse.

Những từ liên quan với PROPORTIONAL

corresponding, equal, reciprocal, commensurate, correlative, comparative, relative
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