• Noun
  • the act of ending your working or professional career
    1. She decided to take an early retirement.
    2. Many fans were surprised by the champion's retirement.
    3. The staff is smaller because of several retirements.
  • the state of being retired
    1. I'm looking forward to retirement.
    2. He is ready for retirement.
    3. He came out of retirement to play baseball again.
  • the period after you have permanently stopped your job or profession
    1. She has remained very active during retirement.
    2. The staff all wished her a long and happy retirement.
  • the age at which a person usually retires
    1. She reaches retirement [=(more commonly) retirement age] next May.
  • money that you receive from a savings plan or pension once you retire from a job or profession
    1. We can't live on his retirement alone.
  • of, relating to, or designed for people who are retired
    1. a retirement community [=a place for people who are retired]
    2. retirement benefits/age

Những từ liên quan với RETIREMENT

blockade, solitude, flight, detachment, pullback, sequestration, ebb, desolation