• Noun
  • a device that directs a narrow, bright beam of light on a small area
    1. They aimed the spotlight at the center of the stage.
  • the area of light created by a spotlight
    1. A spotlight moved across the stage.
    2. The actor stood in the spotlight.
    3. performing under the spotlights
  • public attention or notice
    1. a baseball star who hates the spotlight
    2. They're always in the spotlight.
    3. School violence is once again under the media spotlight. [=getting a lot of attention from the media]
    4. The news article turned/put the spotlight on the city's financial problems.
  • Verb
  • to shine a spotlight on (someone or something)
    1. She was spotlighted as she sang her solo.
    2. a spotlit area
  • to give special attention to (something)
    1. The news spotlighted the city's financial problems.

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