• not shaking or moving
    1. She used a tripod to keep the camera steady.
    2. Painting takes a steady hand and a good eye.
    3. a steady gaze
    4. He was drunk and wasn't very steady on his feet. [=his balance was not good; he looked like he might fall]
  • not changing as time passes: such as
  • not increasing or decreasing
    1. Prices have remained steady over the last month.
    2. a steady heart rate
  • lasting or continuing for a long period of time in a dependable way
    1. He finally has a steady job.
    2. They do a steady business at the restaurant.
  • happening or developing in a continuous and usually gradual way
    1. There has been a steady increase in prices.
    2. I am making steady progress on refinishing the basement.
    3. There was a steady rain all day.
    4. We've received a steady stream of donations.
  • not nervous or excited
    1. steady nerves
    2. Her voice was calm and steady.
  • dependable or reliable
    1. She has been a steady friend to me.
    2. He's a very steady worker.
  • Verb
  • to make (something or someone) steady or to become steady: such as
  • to keep (something or someone) from moving, shaking, falling, etc.
    1. He steadied the gun and fired.
    2. She used a tripod to steady the camera.
    3. He held the rail to steady himself. [=to keep himself balanced]
  • to cause (something) to stop changing, increasing, decreasing, etc.
    1. The doctor gave her medication to help steady her heart rate.
    2. Her heart rate had been erratic but eventually steadied.
    3. Prices have steadied in recent months.
  • to make yourself calm or calmer
    1. She took a drink to try to steady her nerves.
  • in a steady way
    1. Hold the camera steady.
  • to have a lasting romantic relationship with one person and no one else
    1. He asked me after the dance if I wanted to go steady.
    2. We went steady for over a year before we got engaged.
  • Noun
  • the only person you are having a romantic relationship with
    1. He's my steady. [=my steady boyfriend]