• Verb
  • to walk or move with very heavy or noisy steps
    1. He stomped angrily out of the room.
    2. She stomped [=stamped] around the yard in her muddy boots.
  • to put (your foot) down forcefully and noisily
    1. He angrily stomped [=stamped] his foot.
    2. The fans were stomping their feet and shouting.
  • to step on (something or someone) very forcefully
    1. He stomped on the bug.
    2. The elephant almost stomped on them.
    3. I stomped on the brakes.
  • to stop or destroy (something bad)
    1. They are determined to stomp out [=stamp out] corruption.
  • to stop (something) from burning by stepping on it forcefully with your feet
    1. She stomped out her cigarette.

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