• Verb
  • to be full of (life and activity)
    1. The river teems [=abounds] with fish.
    2. The river was teeming with fish.
    3. streets teeming with shoppers
    4. My mind is teeming with ideas.
  • to come down heavily
    1. They continued to play as the rain teemed down.
    2. She waited in the teeming rain.
    3. (chiefly Brit) It has been teeming down [=raining heavily] all day. = It has been teeming with rain all day.

Những từ liên quan với TEEM

swell, swarm, crowd, produce, jam, burst, abound, bear, overflow, bristle, pour, prosper, rain, shower, brim, bustle, overrun, crawl, flow