• Noun
  • a device that holds or presses parts tightly together
    1. a hose clamp
  • Verb
  • to hold or press (things or parts of a thing) tightly together with a device
    1. The surgeon clamped the vein.
    2. He clamped the two pieces of wood together.
  • to press or squeeze (something)
    1. The bit was clamped firmly between the horse's teeth.
    2. He clamped his mouth shut and refused to speak.
  • to try harder to punish (people who are doing something that is not legal or proper)
    1. Customs officials are clamping down on [=cracking down on] smugglers.
    2. The school should clamp down on students who cut classes.
    3. The state is clamping down on [=cracking down on] drug trafficking.
  • to officially set (a limit, rule, punishment, etc.) for (someone or something)
    1. The mayor clamped [=imposed] a curfew on the area after the riots.
    2. The new law clamps limits on the amount of money candidates can spend on election campaigns.

Những từ liên quan với CLAMP

bracket, clasp, lock, snap, clinch, hold, catch, clench, impose, nipper, fix