• Verb
  • to do (something that is illegal or harmful)
    1. commit [=perpetrate] a crime
    2. commit suicide/murder/rape/adultery
    3. The massacre was committed by the rebel army.
  • to decide to use (a person, money, etc.) for some particular purpose or use
    1. The army committed two divisions to the battle.
    2. The city committed millions of dollars for the housing project.
  • to say that (someone or something) will definitely do something
    1. I've committed myself to a meeting on Thursday. = I'm committed to a meeting on Thursday. [=I have said that I will definitely go to a meeting on Thursday]
    2. The contract commits the company to finishing the bridge by next fall.
    3. He keeps delaying his decision because he doesn't want to commit himself.
    4. Many companies are reluctant to commit to the new technology. [=to say that they will definitely use it]
    5. They have not yet committed to a particular course of action.
  • to decide to give your love, support, or effort to someone or something in a serious or permanent way
    1. My girlfriend just can't seem to commit!
    2. He won't commit himself to a long-term relationship.
    3. Many local officials have not yet committed themselves to a presidential candidate.
    4. They are committing themselves to the pursuit of truth.
  • to cause (someone) to be put in a prison or a mental hospital
    1. She was committed to a state mental hospital.
  • to order (someone) to be tried in a court of law
    1. The magistrate committed him to stand trial at the Bristol Crown Court.
  • to learn (something) so that you remember it perfectly
    1. I committed the poem to memory.
  • to write (something) down
    1. She committed her thoughts to writing.

Những từ liên quan với COMMIT

offer, hold, contravene, send, charge, invest, promise, give, complete, execute, engage, pull, allocate, accomplish