• Verb
  • to break (something) into small pieces
    1. Crumble the cookies into small bits.
    2. The recipe calls for the herbs to be crumbled.
  • to separate into many small pieces
    1. The arch had crumbled [=disintegrated] under the weight of all those stones.
    2. bones so old they had crumbled to dust
    3. crumbling buildings/monuments/walls
  • to break down completely
    1. Peace talks between the two parties have crumbled. [=collapsed]
    2. She was extremely depressed after her marriage crumbled.
    3. their crumbling marriage
  • Noun
  • small pieces of something that has been crumbled
    1. crumbles of blue cheese

Những từ liên quan với CRUMBLE

decompose, fragment, disintegrate, putrefy, grind, decay, collapse, perish, dissolve, crumb, deteriorate, molder