• very great in degree
    1. The plant is sensitive to extreme heat and cold.
    2. They are living in extreme poverty.
    3. If you have to go out in the storm, use extreme caution. [=be very careful]
    4. Extreme accuracy is required.
    5. extreme old age
  • very serious or severe
    1. She went on an extreme diet.
    2. Many thought that the punishment was too extreme for the crime.
    3. extreme weather conditions
    4. This situation calls for extreme [=drastic] measures.
    5. The plan was rejected as too extreme.
    6. This is an extreme example of what can happen when a company grows too quickly.
  • very far from agreeing with the opinions of most people
    1. He has extreme opinions when it comes to politics.
    2. Members of the extreme right/left opposed the legislation.
  • in the farthest possible position
    1. In the photo, she is at/on the extreme right/left. [=she is in the position that is farthest to the right/left]
    2. The city is in the extreme northern part of the state.
  • unusual and dangerous
    1. extreme sports
    2. He is a fan of extreme skiing/snowboarding.
  • involved in an unusually dangerous sport
    1. an extreme athlete
    2. He is an extreme snowboarder/skier.
  • Noun
  • either one of two opposite conditions, feelings, positions, etc., that are thought of as being far from what is normal or reasonable
    1. After spending lavishly for years, the company has now gone to the opposite/other extreme and has cut expenses drastically.
    2. His mood changed/swung from one extreme to the other.
    3. experiencing extremes of emotion
    4. The temperature in the desert ranges between extremes of heat and cold.
    5. Their political views represent the extremes within the party.
    6. There are people at both extremes within the party.
  • an amount or degree that is far beyond what is normal or reasonable
    1. The movie changes the story to such an extreme [=changes it so much] that it's hardly recognizable.
    2. They are being pushed/driven to ridiculous extremes. [=being forced to do much more than seems reasonable]
    3. The problems in our school system can be solved without going to (such) extremes.
    4. Problems can occur when people carry/take dieting to extremes.
  • to the greatest possible degree
    1. I'm finding it difficult in the extreme [=very/extremely difficult] to deal with this situation.